Seymour Intl. works with its manufacturer clients to design a Global Distribution Action Plan, specific to each product line. Key program components follow.

Sales and Service Presentations:

Our firm produces electronic and hardcopy product presentations designed for use by our sales executives and their customers for staff training and customer presentations.

Program Pricing:

Program pricing offers resellers preferred pricing based either on their distribution function, annual volume commitment or both.

Co-op Promotional Programs:

Our easy-to-budget co-op promotional program requires proof of expense for any co-op credit, whether it be for foreign-language literature, local media advertising, a trade show or sales conferences. Merchandising Materials. Pointof-sale marketing, advertising and sales aids are listed and presented in a “Fax Ready” order form.

Forecasting & Inventory Management:

Our Firm employs inventory control spreadsheets to monitor distributor stock levels and help distributors forecast future requirements.

Distributor Sales Agreements:

Seymour Intl. secures a distributor’s annual forecast and volume commitment and spells out its corresponding commitments to the distributor in an annual distributor salesagreement. The document serves as a valuable tool for forecasting, budgeting and performance management.