What does Seymour Intl. Trade Group consider when making the decision to begin exporting your company’s product?

·       Evaluating your product’s export potential;

·       Determining if you are really willing to make a commitment to international markets and evaluating whether your company is “export-ready”;

·       Identifying key foreign markets for your products through market research;

·       Evaluating distribution and promotional options and establishing an overseas distribution system;

·       Determining export prices, payment terms, methods, and techniques;

·       Familiarizing yourself with shipping methods, export documentation procedures, export financing, and other requirements for exporting.

What are the cost to become a client?

We have a 3 tier strategy to make the beginning cost of exporting painless. We can act as your sales representative working 100% commission based, We can be your International Wholesaler and purchase the product from your company, Or We can be your Export Management Company taking care of all the sales, marketing and paperwork for your global transactions and handle everything from A to Z.

Do I get to get my free International market research analysis?

Of course you do, All of our potential clients, we do a free Global Snapshot of the best markets for your product and that is yours to keep.

How does Seymour Intl. Trade Group find a global distributor for my product?

Our company has built relationship with global professionals around the world who are deeply involved in their community and understand the buying trends of the market. We also partner with the U.S embassies around the world that gets leads everyday from distributors looking for U.S. Products to sell.

Do I have to pay to get my marketing materials converted to different languages?

Many times Distributors are just like the ones here in the U.S. they want POS and marketing support to help them sell and market your product. We have relationship with printers that will cost 25 percent less to convert and print materials for our distributors and we share in the cost to get the materials printed.

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