Steps to Global Success

Steps to Global Success

1.) First, an Internal Assessment of your company’s structure is completed by our team, by asking the right questions.

  • Looking at your product and services offered domestically, are they successful in your market?

  • What are your goals and visions for your company?

  • Are you and your internal staff committed to gaining international success?

  • Is your business set up for international transactions with overseas buyers?

2.) Identifying International Markets is the next step. To first succeed in exporting, we must first identify the most profitable and penetrate-able international markets for your products

  • Identifying products and services that are sold successfully in the domestic market is our first step. Are the products fulfilling a targeted need for the purchaser in export markets, according to price, value to the customer, country and market demand?

  • What makes your product attractive?

  • Where is your type of product already being sold internationally?

  • Why do you believe international buyers will purchase your company’s products?

3.) Gathering foreign Market Research- We must identify the most profitable foreign markets for your products or services.

  • Classify your product by the HS Code/Schedule B Number. The most critical method of classifying products for export is the Harmonized System. This is an internationally agreed upon classification system that is the basis for obtaining domestic and International trade and tariff information.

  • Find Countries with the best-suited markets for your product.

  • Determine which foreign markets will be the easiest to penetrate.

  • Define and narrow down the export markets your business intends to pursue.

  • Converse with other U.S. Customers and companies already doing business successfully.

  • Research export efforts of U.S. competitors.

4.) Finding Buyers for your products

  • Identifying a distributor a potential agent or partner overseas is our goal to give your company a competitive edge.

  • We then qualify that potential buyer by researching them thoroughly, Once qualified and they are interested in your company’s products we can send them a pro forma- which is an invoice informing the buyer of the kind of goods to be sent, their value and important specs such as size, quantity and weight.

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